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    Specialisation Mercedes Oldtimer

    Sale of original Mercedes spare parts and restoration of vintage cars

    The founder of the company is Marek Górecki Senior, professionally involved in the automotive industry and the Mercedes brand.

    For more than 20 years, he has successfully pursued the company’s mission “to provide services for lovers of Mercedes oldtimers with passion, experience and full professionalism”.

    Our company takes a comprehensive approach to the subject of vintage Mercedes. 

    How do we help our customers?

    • We help you in your search for hard-to-find spare parts at the best prices, using our contacts in the industry developed over 20 years.
    • We advise you on purchasing the right variable parts for your Mercedes Oldtimer.
    • If spare parts for Mercedes classics are missing or unavailable, don’t worry! We will restore them in accordance with the art.
    • We will restore your vehicle partially or completely – depending on the needs of our esteemed customers.
    • And soon we will be educating you about vintage Mercedes on the Mercedes Oldtimer channel on YouTube.

    The right choice of parts for oldtimers is a key differentiator for our company and a value for our customers. Not only for Mercedes connoisseurs and collectors, but also for owners who have fulfilled their automotive dream of owning one.

    Dear partner, we are very pleased that soon, you will be able to buy car parts on this very website. Here, we are building an online shop for you, which will make the process of your search for hard-to-find parts easier, more efficient and faster. After all, nothing is as frustrating as fruitlessly searching for what you need on the Internet. Right?

    Meanwhile, you can still buy our Mercedes parts on Allegro. It’s our second distribution channel for parts. CHECK OUT!


    We have done our homework on the history of the brand and the construction of vintage vehicles in an exemplary manner. Thanks to them, we know every detail of vintage Mercedes.


    We know how to restore old Mercedes. We know how to restore missing parts. We have access to spare parts.


    We guarantee your satisfaction and satisfaction with the cooperation you undertake. Because Mercedes Oldtimer is a lifestyle we share.

    Who are we?
    Here is our story

    The arrival of oldtimers in the Górecki family is a story almost like from a movie, in which a childhood delight in motoring turned into passion, passion into experience and experience into a professional business.

    Marek Górecki Senior likes to talk about his automotive beginnings: “Cars have evoked incredible emotions in me since I was a child, especially oldtimers. In 1968/1969, my father bought the first car that absolutely delighted me. It was a Skoda Tudor, followed by a Warsaw and a Mercedes W108. This was followed by a silver Mercedes 190 2300B and a black Mercedes 190 2500D. Oldtimers have taken a special place in my heart and have become my passion.”

    In our company, we are mainly involved in the sale of parts for Mercedes Oldtimer cars (since 1999), as well as the restoration of vintage cars (since 2012).

    I am a happy person. I have been fulfilled professionally and privately for many years because I do what I love! And I thank my wife Beata for her daily support.


    Renovation of vintage Mercedes

    Historic car restoration involves rebuilding a vehicle as close to the original as possible. Bringing a damaged or destroyed vehicle back to its original condition and restoring it to its former form and appearance.

    We encourage you to read the short, but very valuable, material in the column opposite.

    The restoration of vintage cars, definitely requires specialist knowledge and experience. You need to know how to disassemble and assemble the vehicle, how and from where to obtain original parts for an old Mercedes, how to rebuild missing parts and how to restore an oldtimer to be as close to the original as possible.

    Marek Górecki is an expert who specialises in the restoration of vintage Mercedes. He has restored, among others: 190 SL, R129, R107 SL, R113 Pagode, W111, W109, C124, W111 Coupe, W191. And in the workshop, more automotive gems are waiting for their second life.

    In the process of car restoration, Górecki supervises the team’s work and recommends the best possible solutions to his customers. The final scope of work performed is always decided by the customer.

    Depending on the type and level of damage, defects, different restoration methods are selected. This can be:

    • Partial refurbishment involving refreshing, e.g.: paintwork or renewal of the vehicle interior, replacement of parts, etc.
    • Comprehensive restoration, which aims to fully rebuild and restore a historic vehicle. This process includes:
      • Precise and careful disassembly of parts,
      • Cataloguing and securing the parts,
      • After dismantling, making a thorough analysis of the vehicle’s condition in terms of corrosion, damage, defects.
      • Obtaining original spare parts and carrying out possible reconstruction of parts no longer available,
      • Car body and paint work,
      • Mechanical work: restoration of the
      • Mercedes engine, repair of the fuel system, repair of the exhaust system, repair of the chassis, repair of the drive train, repair of the radiator in an oldtimer, etc.
      • Electrical work,
      • Upholstery work,
      • Wood restoration,
      • Vehicle assembly.

    Oldtimer restoration is definitely a “job” for persistent and patient enthusiasts, old car enthusiasts and collectors of vintage vehicles.

    As a rule, antiques are disassembled to recover as many original parts as possible and to check which of them are suitable for re-installation in the vehicle. Everything is then reassembled. If you don’t entrust such work to specialists, it may turn out that no one will be able to assemble the car themselves afterwards. And it will be “dead in the water”.

    To the delight of our customers, we run an oldtimer Mercedes parts shop. Thanks to it, we have access to an extensive database of original spare parts both in Poland and Europe. And if it is no longer possible to obtain certain parts from the market, for example due to the small number of units produced, we are able to reproduce these parts in our workshop.

    A well restored Mercedes Oldtimer not only pleases the eye of its owner, but also gives great pleasure and satisfaction in owning it. For some, it will be the fulfilment of a youthful/mature motoring dream, for others it will be a lifelong passion, for thirds it will be an idea for an alternative investment.

    We have noticed that investing in old vehicles is becoming increasingly popular in Poland. We would like to encourage everyone interested in buying an oldtimer to use the services of experts in the antique vehicle market or appraisers before making such an investment.

    Why? There may be several reasons: ignorance of the market is never good for investments, wrong decisions cost money, this is not a cheap hobby and the low liquidity of collector vehicles may freeze funds for a long time in the case of a niche “commodity”.

    Well, it depends on many factors:

    • The model of the car, its individual features and its history.
    • The vintage of the vehicle.
    • The number of units produced (rarity).
    • Who it was manufactured for.
    • Degree of conformity with the original.
    • State of preservation.
    • Technical condition and its completeness.
    • Degree of restoration. How well was the full restoration of the vehicle carried out? What original technical solutions were used?
    • Current market conditions

    While modern cars are associated with a rapid loss of value, the opposite is true for oldtimers.

    A classic oldtimer is a sheer joy, a pleasure and a prestige. It also captures the history of a car whose days are long gone.

    Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us: sklep@mercedes-oldtimer.pl


    Vintage Cars Rallies

    We are a member of the Historic Mercedes Club of Poland (Klub Zabytkowych Mercedesów Polska) and the Beskid Antique Vehicle Club (Beskidzki Klub Pojazdów Zabytkowych). For several years now, my family and I have been actively participating in many national rallies to cultivate the memory of vintage motoring. This is where we build relationships, exchange experiences and an enjoy a great time together.

    Would you like to join?

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